Rob Stewart

Regional Business Development Manager

Robert Stewart

  • NMLS #: 1676169
  • AZ - 0946474
  • CA-DBO1676169

As someone who has always felt passionate about growing and building a profitable business, Robert Stewart has found great success as the Veritas Funding Regional Business Development Manager.

Keep in mind, though, that Robert has a lot more to offer than just his knack for the business world – He’s also a well-respected leader, seamless communicator, and innovative strategist. With his analytical mindset and genuine desire to help others, Robert is an invaluable member of the Veritas Funding Team.

When he’s not busy putting his all into his career, Robert enjoys boating, golfing, and spending time with his loved ones. Family is very important to Robert and he credits his wife, Kristina, as being a major source of support and positivity in his life.